How to Download Android 11 Beta to your smartphone?

how to download android 11 beta

In the past few days, the Search engine giant Google launched the early version of Android 11 Beta, which will only be available for a few users; however, it will be officially released by the end of the year.

The user of devices such as the new Pixel 3a XL, Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Xiaomi Mi 10, One Plus 8 or Pixel 3 XL, phones can experience the early version of Android 11 beta. Other Android users will be able to use the new version in the upcoming months, though it is recommended to back up the data before upgrading to the latest version.

It’s Important to have complete knowledge about the consequences of things you might face after downloading the newer version as Google has already issued a warning about the possible errors in the Android 11 version. Your smartphone’s performance may also get affected by it, and the only way back to being normal would factory resetting your phone.

You would lose your data to go back to the previous android version.


● To get the early version of the Android 11, you have to join the Android beta program. You can do so by clicking this link.
● The Next Step requires you to join through your compatible Android phone.
● Follow the prompts.
● The final step requires you to reboot your smartphone.

The Android 11 Beta Program:

The Android 11 Beta Program requires your enrollment, which can be done quickly through the provided link. The registration is essential for all the users, including those who have previously enrolled for other android programs.
After that, you’ll shortly receive a notification that will allow you to install the Android 11 properly.

Installing Android 11 Beta Manually:

Although it’s a medium-paced process, it may take longer in some cases; however, you can install the latest version manually as well by following these simple steps.
Go to phone settings > System option > Check For Updates.
It will take some time for the updates to appear, and once you’ve downloaded them, your phone will reboot, and after that, you’ll be able to use the latest android 11.

How to leave the Beta Program:

It’s very easy to opt-out of the beta program. All you have to do visit the link as provided above, scroll down and click on the Opt option.

According to Google, You can return to the public version of Android anytime you want. However, if you opt-out while your device is running a beta version, all the data from your phone will be cleaned out.

If you choose to stay enrolled in the beta program until it ends, you’ll be graduated and will receive an update for Android 11, when it is publically released, and none of your data will be wiped out.

Some Major Updates and Features of Android 11:

Smart Home Controls:

Smart home control is one of the most significant features of Android 11, which includes a long press button. It is also known as the Device Control hub, and it helps you to access the home controls; users with the Android 11 public beta will be able to enjoy it.

Minor But Necessary Changes:

The Android 11 also made sufficient changes, for example, more efficient media controls and more reliable switch to the output device for audio or video content, which will allow the shifting from headphones to speakers more smoothly.

Recycle bin:

A Recycle bin inspired option has been introduced, which allows you to recover anything deleted by mistake.

The Notification bar:

Android 11 will allow you to conduct discussions in the notification bar; instead of opening the new application, you’ll be able to reply to access shortcuts and reminders settings from the notification bar.

Bluetooth Update:

This new version includes a significant update for Bluetooth connectivity as it won’t disconnect your wireless headphones connectivity after you enable Airplane mode.
In the previous Android version, when we enable the Airplane mode, all the other connections get disconnected automatically, and it’s not possible to switch them on without disabling the Airplane mode.

However, this new Android version allows users to keep the Bluetooth connection to any wireless device even after enabling the Airplane mode.

It’s a significant update that has been anticipated for a long time, as many users find the older feature very frustrating.

More Features:

The new version will offer better privacy options, dark mode with a scheduling feature. Users will experience enhanced keyboard, Autofill, Input Method Editors, voice control, or Google Assistance.
This new version supports wireless charging well as you’ll receive an error if your phone is not aligned correctly, hence you’ll change the phone’s position if not charging well.

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